Gratis noter till vacker julsång

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Brittiska sångaren, dirigenten, tonsättaren och kör-coachen Jamie W. Hall har skrivit en ny vacker julsång (klicka på videon för att höra the Queen’s Six sjunga den) och han ger bort noterna gratis.
I want you to take it and sing it however, wherever, whenever you like…

Sången finns för olika besättning:

Varje stämma finns också inspelade var för sig som inlärningsmaterial »

OK, vad är haken? Jo, tanken är att ni donerar pengar till cancer-forskningen Macmillan Cancer Support. “Simply download the PDF of the carol and the rest is up to you. There’s no sign-up, no conditions, no rules… I just want you to enjoy singing it and get on with raising those all-important funds.

“Last year I found myself having a text conversation with a friend whose mother – a delightful nonagenarian with severe dementia – was in hospital in a really very serious condition. I remembered meeting her some time before that and her repeatedly telling me how much she loves to dance, and I found the famous Christmas carol text Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day going round and round my head – So much so that I set to writing my own version.

With my finished ditty in hand it didn’t feel right to simply publish it in the usual way so, on a whim and with no real plan in mind, I offered it to a few choirs for free, suggesting they might like to donate to Dementia UK in honour of my friend’s mum.

I was both stunned and gratified when the piece not only received several performances and even a radio broadcast on Christmas Day, but more importantly that it raised several hundred pounds for a deserving charity.

So when I found myself putting pen to paper again in the wake of the sudden loss of a member of my own choral society to pancreatic cancer, I decided once again to allow my carol to be printed and performed for free, this time in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

So now I need your help. I am asking choirs to pledge a performance of my new carol Sleep, My Jesu, as part of a concert, a church service, carol singing at the hospital or even down the pub, or even just an informal performance as part of your usual rehearsal session, but the important thing is that you then make a donation to this brilliant charity.

Whether it be a share of your ticket sales, a bucket collection, an informal whip-round amongst choir members or just an individual donation, however large or small, every penny will help the work of Macmillan Cancer Support and – I hope – make this Christmas just a little bit brighter for people going through the trauma of cancer.

We all love singing together, especially at Christmas. How wonderful if this year our singing helps give a very real gift to a person at their time of greatest need. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

So please take this carol and use it however you like this Christmas, remembering to donate.
Use #ChoirsAgainstCancer on social media to tell me about your performance.

Happy Singing! Jamie x

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